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Title: Challenges to Teacher Education in Teaching Preparation: Factors Affecting Teaching Practices and Beliefs about Communicative Language Teaching of English Language Student-Teachers in Southern Thailand
Authors: Shenita Kaweian
Cheewala Badklang
Kholeeyoh Jehdo
Sunisa So-u
Treenuch Chaowanakritsanakul
Keywords: Teacher Education
Teaching Beliefs
Communicative Language Teaching
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2021
Publisher: Hatyai University
Series/Report no.: Proceedings of Hatyai National and International Conference;1769-1784
Abstract: This study explores the problems affecting the English Language (EL) student–teachers (STs) in implementing Communicative language Teaching (CLT) during teaching practicum; and its effects on their teaching beliefs about CLT. The purposive samples were the fifty-three EL STs from two southern Rajabhat Universities in Yala and Songkhla. An exploratory survey method utilized two self-rating questionnaires and two open-ended questions to explore data about teaching challenges-and- justification; and teaching beliefs. The results show that EL STs, whilst regarded in CLT, expressed tension with many challenges, mainly related to teachers’ demotivation in CLT, learners’ learning inability, CLT conceptual ambiguity and grammar-based examination. Despite showing keen interest in teaching with CLT, EL STs' positive beliefs in CLT was lower after the practicum. For success in innovative teaching, the need for teacher education in investigating teaching challenges through teaching beliefs development prior to the initial teaching practicum and at all courses of professional development is recommended.
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