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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2560-10-18Capacitive Immunosensor based on Poly-para-Phenylenediamine Modified Electrode for HSA DetectionOrawan Thipmanee
2564-03A disposable and cost-effective electrochemical DNA sensor using nanocomposite modified screen-printed gold electrodeOrawan Thipmanee
2559Enhancing capacitive DNA biosensor performance by target overhang with application on screening test of HLA-B*58:01 and HLA-B*57:01 genesOrawan Thipmanee; Apon Numnuam; Warakorn Limbut; Chittanon Buranachai; Proespichaya Kanatharana; Tirayut Vilaivan; Nattiya Hirankarn; Panote Thavarungkul
2564-04-01Enhancing Electrochemical Signal Based on One-Step Electrodeposition Ofpani/Ppy/Agnp/Gr Nanocomposite on Screen-Printed Gold Electrode for DNA Diagnosis DetectionOrawan Thipmanee
2562-02-07High Sensitivity Label-free of Human Serum Albumin Capacitive ImmunosensorOrawan Thipmanee
2561-01High Sensitivity of HSA Capacitive Immunosensor using Poly-para-phenylenediamine Modified Gold ElectrodeOrawan Thipmanee
2559-04-26Nanomaterial Modified Gold Electrode for DNA Hybridization DetectionOrawan Thipmanee
2561-02-11One-step Electrodeposition of Nanomaterial Modified Gold Electrode for DNA Hybridization DetectionOrawan Thipmanee
2561-05-08PNA-DNA Hybridization Detection with One-step Electrodeposition using Nanomaterial Modified Gold ElectrodeOrawan Thipmanee
2566-02-21Real-time, Portable and High Selective of Mini-syringe Sensor based on Pararosaniline Hydrochloride Sol-gel for the Formaldehyde Detection in Indoor Air from the Furniture and Poster Shops in Yala Province, ThailandOrawan Thipmanee; Nureeha Sahoh