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Title: Education of Islamic Characters in Literature Learning
Authors: Enung Nurhayati
Hasbulah Nadaraning
Abbas Paliket
ฮัสบุลลอฮ์ นะดารานิง
Keywords: education
Islamic character
Issue Date: 18-May-2017
Publisher: Master of Teaching Islamic Education Program, Faculty of Education, Yala Rajabhat University
Series/Report no.: Proceedings of the 4st YRU National and International Conference in Islamic Education and Educational Development” (The 4th YRU-IEED 2017: Future and Challenge);18-19 May 2017; 134-141
Abstract: Literature has functioned as a medium for understanding the nations’ culture that contains education of character. The characters are those who behave, act and tempered. The readers can learn and understand various aspects of life through the characters including various motivations based on the condition of social-culture in the novel. The relation built up between the readers and the literature world is personal relation. That kind of relation will build the critical power, imagination, and aesthetics power. Through the literature, the readers do not only learn the conceptual and intellectual points but they also brought to the concrete life situation. Literary work can be as a medium of moral education. Therefore, literary works can also be a medium for education of Islamic character. The message of Islamic character can be like guidance for facing various problems in the daily life such as, attitude, social manner, praying, tauhid and so on. The practical message of Islamic character is guidance that its model can be shown or found in the real life. Literature learning is expected to give contribution to education of Islamic character. The values of literary works either explicitly or implicitly are media, tools to deliver the instructions and guidelines to the readers. If the Islamic values in literary works are understood and implemented in reality, it can build up the Islamic characters to its readers. Therefore, the education of Islamic character can be conducted through the literature learning.
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