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Title: Knowledge integration capability and entrepreneurial orientation: case of Pakthongchai Silk Groups Residing
Authors: Sareeya Wichitsathian
Dussadee Nakruang
Keywords: knowledge integration capability
entrepreneurial orientation
silk group
Pakthongchai District
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2019
Publisher: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues
Abstract: This qualitative research aimed to study 1) knowledge integration capability and 2) knowledge integration capability that demonstrated the entrepreneurial orientation within the silk groups in Pakthonghai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Supporting research data was collected from in-depth interviews of six silk group leaders and members (out of eleven identified groups). A content analysis method was used for data evaluation in order to find evidence-based inferences, identify causal relationships, and investigate the correlations. According to the result, the silk groups’ knowledge integration capability was built upon the following three perspectives: learning culture, knowledge management capability and information technology skill. 1) Learning Culture derived from the groups’ determination to produce and maintain high quality standards in their silk products while making use of knowledge learned from customers, competitors, governments, and previously experienced business problems. 2) Knowledge management capability described the ability to retain knowledge inherited from previous generations and exchange information among group members during training and practice. Once the new set of knowledge was created by a member, it was then relayed to other group members and used to develop their silk products according to the market demand. 3) Information technology had been used by Pakthongchai silk groups to manage their silk production knowledge. These established elements had assisted them in obtaining an outstanding entrepreneurial skills.
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