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Title: ทัศนคติและพฤติกรรมผู้บริโภคที่มีต่อผลิตภัณฑ์สมุนไพรลดความอ้วน ใน 3 จังหวัดชายแดนภาคใต้
Authors: อัปสร อีซอ
Keywords: ผลิตภัณฑ์ลดความอ้วน
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Songklanakarin Journal of Management Sciences
Abstract: Attitudes and Behaviors of the Consumers toward Herbal Products for Reducing Obesity in Threen Southern Border Provinces. The purpose of this research was to study the attitudes and the behaviors of the consumers towards herbal products for reducing obesity and compare the characteristic with attitude of consumers towards herbal product reducing obesity. This research was conducted to survey data from the samples who were older than 20 years of age that living in Yala City, Pattani City and Naratiwat City. Multi - stage sampling was taken into account to get those 400 samples. SPSS program was used in analyzing the statistics to find out the frequency, percentage, mean value and standard deviation, T-test, F-test and Scheffe method. The result indicated that : 1. The attitudes of the consumers towards herbal products for reducing obesityindicated the moderate level in cognitive domain, affective domain and psychomotor domain. 2. Consumers behavior towards herbal products for reducing obesity. For purchase behavior: the study found that most consumers bought the products form drug stores the contain more than one kind of herbal ingredient. The three most popular herbals are green tea, spirulina seaweed and garcinia, where the consumers prefer in infusion and capsule types the most. The decision in purchasing actually made by considering the warranty label from the food and medicine standard organization. Moreover, they will consider about the effectiveness of the product, especially those that were able to burn the obesity and better excretory system. The consumers paid 200 - 400 baht per time of purchasing which might be recommended from friends passed television and brochure medias. Sales promotion campaign were members and giving extra bonus. The consumers were uncertain decision to the new debut products. For Usage behavior, The study showed that consumers were very strict to the direction shown on labels. The reason were herbal was safer than synthetic materials. 3. Comparative study the attitude levels of consumers towards herbal products reducing obesity showed : the consumer were those who were difference of sex, place, age, education, income and body mass index. Those attitude towards herbal products reducing obesity differently too.
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