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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2561-02-07Effect of the sample preparation on the composition of hydroxyapatite derived from waste anchovy fish boneHasan Daupor; Pateeroh Kuwae; Anugrah Ricky Wijaya; Isma-ae Chelong; Abdulnaser Hajisamoh
2564-10Extraction of Hydroxyapatite by Alkaline Acid from Budu Waste and Synthesis Using Calcination MethodHasan Daupor
2562Optimization of BCR Microwave from Fe Assessment in Sediment Material in The Gulf of PrigiAnugrah Ricky Wijaya; I Oktaviana; Surjani Wonorahardjo; Yudhi Utomo; M Muntholib; Hasan Daupor; Md. Sazzad Hossain; Eli Hendrik Sanjaya
2562Production and Application of Aggregate Manganese Zeolite Greensand using Post Cartridge Micron as Absorbent Fe and Mn IonsAnugrah Ricky Wijaya; Surjani Wonorahardjo; Irma Kartika Kusumaningrum; Dwi Alfini’matin; Pungky Hertanto; Shila Avila; Hasan Daupor; Md. Sazzad Hossain; Eli Hendrik Sanjaya
2564PROTOTYPE OF PORTABLE HYPOCHLOROUS ACID PREPARED FROM PATTANI SALTERNAcman E-tae; Hamdee Yanya; Hasan Daupor; Abedeen Dasaesamoh; Ubol Tansom
2563-07Synthesis and Characterization of Polyhedron-like Ag/AgCl PhotocatalystAbdulmutta Thatribud; Hasan Daupor
2565Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite from Budu Waste by Calcination MethodHasan Daupor; Anugrah Ricky Wijaya; Pongsaton Amornpitoksuk; Isma-ae Chelong; Acharee Suksuwan
2564-10-11นักศึกษาหลักสูตรเคมี คณะวิทย์ฯ มรย. ได้รับรางวัล BRONZE PRIZE (Chemistry) กิจกรรมประกวด Young Rising Star of Science Award 2021Nureesa Jehmong; Sitirokiyoh Chehheng; Hasan Daupor